Certified Jewelry Appraisals in Jacksonville, NC

Susan Marie Gasperson
Woodson Jewelers, Music & Pawn has a certified graduate gemologist on-site ready to give you professional and timely appraisals. With the help of our on-site gemological lab, we can provide you with fast and accurate gemstone and jewelry appraisals for a number of needs. Our gemologist has several years of experience to provide you with expert and honest advice on all of your new, pre-owned and antique jewelry. Whether you need an appraisal for insurance, estate or hypothetical purposes we will give you an honest appraisal and opinion. Visit us today at 129 Freedom Way, Midway Park, NC 28544 to receive your fine jewelry and precious stone appraisal.
Antique Jewelry Appraisals - Vintage Ring  in Jacksonville, NC

Insurance Purpose Appraisals

When tragedy hits, make sure your precious gems and jewelry assets are safe. Whether you have been building a fine jewelry collection for years, or just have a few exquisite pieces, in case unexpected damages happen you should have insurance for each piece at value. Jewelry is not something that can be easily and insured, and often insurance companies require an appraiser's personal opinion and expertise to insure a piece of jewelry.

Estate Purpose Appraisals

It is never easy when a family member passes away. Ensuring that their possessions fall into the right hands and at the right value is important. Make sure that you are selling your estate jewelry at market prices with replacement value and resale value jewelry appraisals from Woodson Jewelers, Music & Pawn. As a local business, we make it our mission to always provide you with honest jewelry and precious gem appraisals that will help you receive the best value and price.

Hypothetical Appraisals

Hypothetical appraisals often happen after a jewelry piece no longer exists due to either theft, fire, disappearance and more. These appraisals are determined after the client gathers and provides information on the jewelry piece in question. For these appraisals, the more information that is gathered the better; photographs, receipts, bills of sale, previous appraisal reports and other information is always preferrable.

Our Associations and Affiliations

ASA American Society of Appraisers
The National Association of Jewerly Appraisers
JBT Member Jewelers Board of Trade
GIA - Gemological Institute of America